About Meshberry

Hi there.  Let me introduce us. Meshberry is founded by a huge family: me, my hardworking dad, my always busy mom with a small and cute toddler, two funny grandpops and a smiling all the time grandmom. As you understood already, I love them very much!

What is Meshberry? It's a way to express my passion to create cool and useful things for those who interested in organic food.

We've got a long time period of research and testing and developing then again testing and improving. It took us almost two months to find the certified high-quality material and to identify a proper shape. Furthermore, we spent more than 30 pounds of almond nuts during our tests.

And all in all, we decided that for proper results there should be types of nut milk bags: for yogurt and cottage cheese - silky 75-micron nylon and for almond cashew and other nuts - stronger bag from 200-micron nylon. 

And here we are, selling these nice nut milk bags and moreover not only bags but tea strainers and teaspoons and washing bags. We became bigger. And now Cheshire Cate helps us too.

So welcome to our Tea and Milk Nut Wonderland. Hope you'd love being here!

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